Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stop glorifying obsessive weightloss...

Okay, msn today; in what way is Kristin Davis working out every single day for two hours at all healthy?! Why advertise such negativety to teenagers who are already image-crazed as it is?
btw, exercising religiously will not make you look good; it will just wear your body out *ever head of repetitive strain injurey?* just like it did to Jane Fonda. Her catchphrase was "feel the burn" well, she over did it and now she's in a wheelchair.
If you want to lose weight, eat a bit less; move a bit more but remember, everything in moderation. MODERATION.
Hear that msn today? Stop promoting ridiculously unhealthy amounts of exercise to the adolescents and young people that use msn and who are easily influenced into accepting bad habits.

been thinking 'bout it...

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