Sunday, 20 June 2010

What's the point of a student council...

when all the governors want is to silence the student voice? Don't ask for my opinion if your only desire is to talk over me and explain how wrong we all are.
Why ask when you have no intention to listen?

been thinking 'bout it...


  1. Yes, I've heard about this. Student democracy currently seems to be an unreachable dream, except no one really knows why.

  2. Hell, I have to admit the Year 7's have some crazy suggestions at the table, so in some ways it's alright.

    But us older years have expierience from a students perspective, which all decisions on the school are focused around. Mrs Parry doesn't understand that lateness isn't an issue some of us can solve through motivation, the new timetable will make people miss Period One and thus important education.

    And without Period One? The Earth is doomed.